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Share your stories by sending them to us so that we can place them in the international/national Story Boxes. These Story Boxes are shared with new audiences in places in and around the world. Hundreds and thousands of people will read them. A teacher may use the story to help their classroom. A storyteller may perform your story to a group of kids. We have had people published as a result of reading their story in the Story Box. A community organizer may share their story to help others value their community. A child may create their own world based on your imagination. We guarantee the story will travel and with each new place, new readers will discover your story.

The Story Box is designed to help share the global world of stories. The narrative either we make up or we live is worth sharing with others. No story is edited. We do ask that you mark it for kids /adults or both. It is simply placed in the Story Box. However, when you fill out the story form,(see below) people are encouraged to let you know where the story travels and what they did with it. Don’t be surprised to hear from others around the world about your story. Kids write the authors. Other writers share ideas. Your writing is part of the Global sharing experiences.

Help Share

If you have a website, please consider placing our logo (we can send you one) that will help people connect to our site so that they can share their stories. This is the heart of the project. People are encouraging others to share their stories. Once a story is sent, we will deliver via electronically to a Story Box. The Story Ambassador will print it out and physically place a copy in the StoryBox.

*Please note that it is not required but encouraged for you to sign the Permission to Publish Form so that the founder Kevin Cordi could include your story in an upcoming book about The Story Box. You can also send a snail mail copy of your story(ies) and he will send you an address for sending.

"Together we make a difference with story."

To add this "Drop Your Story" image to your web site, click on the link, then copy and paste the HTML code into your web page. This image is linked directly to The StoryBox Project submission form.

Click on the image below to submit your story for the StoryBox Project.

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